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You guys, I am experiencing a miracle!!

Wednesday morning I sprained my ankle so badly but I am walking perfectly today, only two days later. It is still swollen a bit to prove that the accident happened, yet I have no pain, I have near full range of motion and I can definitively say that this is an utterly supernatural phenomenon!

I had been sitting at my table writing for so long with my legs crossed that my foot had fallen asleep. When I rose to walk, I was so wrapped up in the thoughts I’d been harnessing that when I took a step with that dead foot, the rubber toe of my heavy slipper caught on the wood floor and bent that numb left foot allllllllll the way back as momentum caused me to fall forward. I heard ankle and leg tissue ripping as I fell, though I couldn’t feel it yet—and time slowed as I fell, strangely allowing my eyes to see my foot being stretched perpendicular with my leg, the slipper toe still caught on the floor.

Immediately my body went into shock. I felt faint and nauseous as I pulled myself up off the floor and sat down in a chair. With both hands I pulled my leg up to elevate my foot on top of the table. I can’t really explain what happened next: I think my spirit took over.

What I’d just been writing about was about to come alive and activate into REAL LIFE—the notion that the power of God comes into our realm when we choose to worship Him in the midst of our circumstances.. Heaven poured in…and God's love affected what I aimed it at here on this earthly plane (my ankle).

God's love worked. It works!!!!!!

I don’t know exactly what I said, but here’s what I can remember: I constrained myself to speak only focused on Him-- I forced my attention to remain on Him instead of my circumstances, my fear or my pain. They were all dire, but He is LORD and I made myself use my choice to describe Him, to honor Him. For five minutes I remained still and desperately focused on Him and only Him, allowing no thought of anything else to enter my mind or heart. It is all hazy now, but things were perfectly clear then: I knew a lot rested on my commitment to do this His way, and He gave me grace to stay firm in that intense focus on Him for a long time.

It felt strange to worship Him right then but it also felt completely right to do. My spirit was in charge and in tandem with the Holy Spirit. He knew what to do, and I followed, thank God.

Feeling a sudden release to walk into another room, I rose to go put action to my belief. Unsteady, stiff and undeniably sore, still I kept verbally asking my Father’s life-giving, healing power to flow into my tendons and ligaments, tissue and cell structures. I commanded myself to open wide and receive His love.

I walked into the bathroom and looked with wonder at my waxen complexion in the mirror—I was definitely in shock physically. Spiritually, however, I was functioning at optimal potential, hyper-focused and faith-filled.

I climbed the stairs to my bedroom and intuitively knew which essential oils to apply, all the while confessing the Word of God over my life and foot and cells. I made a vow not to speak anything but healing and wholeness, gratitude and praise over the outcome…eliminating complaint or acknowledgement of pain or inconvenience. That vow must have stuck, because every word since then has come from an honest place of deep and true gratitude. I’m not having to muster it or re-think and reframe any of my thoughts at all. Because I am completely convinced that I’m walking out a miracle (quite literally), it’s all good. I’m honestly grateful for every step I take.

For two days now I’ve known that I’m to write this and publicize it to encourage and instruct others to be bold.

Release GOD'S POWER into YOUR circumstances!

Decide to let God's Word drive the situation.

Do not just react to what you see OR FEEL. Physical evidence is not the only law. Override it with the superlative law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus that has made us free from the law of sin and death. Heaven’s purposes are inherent in His abundant Life, and they are to be released here on earth through His Word being spoken over things. .

Call on His Name.

Your focus on Him opens a channel for His presence to come influence things here. God exists in eternal, supernatural light outside of the confines of earth’s strictures and consequences. Let God in by calling out to Him.

Hyper-focus on His goodness.

Use your imagination to focus on His love and light instead of worry or fear. His power rides in like a beacon upon your worship. It won't make any sense in context of the physical emergency/situation, but it is His light that defies darkness, death and destruction and it will most certainly take over. Goodness triumphs over evil. Light is more powerful than darkness.

Command the malleable, physical things of earth to open and receive the love of God.

Instruct them to be restored, renewed and revived according to His divine power. Say the ending you want. Speak life and wholeness. Why not? The power of life and death is in your tongue. God said it and it's true.

Take as long as necessary to stay in that place of focused attention on Him.

He is doing His perfecting work in your obedient, intentional position as His vessel. Own it. Rest in it. Keep worshiping Him, child of light. The Holy Spirit will show you how long to remain there. You will know when to stop and go to the next phase.

Apply action to your faith.

Whatever you’ve been asking the Lord to shine His Love-Light on, make it move according toward the intended outcome. If it’s healing, take a step, a breath, whatever is right. Anchor His influence down by your agreement in tangible form. If it’s restoration of relationship, make a phone call, send a text, arrange a meeting. If it’s financial provision, sow a seed of generosity to another person in need. It’s all about doing something to reflect on earth what God is doing in heaven. We are made to match Him. He honors that faith and obedience.

Commit to be grateful for His work in your life.

Praise the good things, however small or great. He is God and His ways are thorough, perfect and mysterious. Every thought in His heart is good toward you, so you can trust Him with the outcome and commit to being grateful for it all. This will keep the channel of blessing open between you and Him, and forbid the enemy from taking any ground and stealing your miracle.

Miracles are simply God's goodness invading earth, His supernatural love influencing our natural world.

Don’t fall for the lie that this plane of existence is all there is. We are surrounded on all sides by God's endless Love-Light full of health and provision, love and acceptance, mercy and justice. Let it in by believing God is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, especially in hard moments. Call on His Name and He will come through.

I can't guarantee the same healing I'm experiencing will be your story, but I am sure He will come through and do His good work in your life. He always comes when He's invited.

I'm so excited about the book I'm writing! It's called What Happens When We Worship: how getting intentional with your attention allows heaven into earth...and I think it is going to be so powerful. God just let me know for sure it works. Whew! I believe Him with every step!

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