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What you Resist will Persist. How to Overcome Anything

Constantly annoyed by something in your life?

Feel yourself avoiding it at all costs?

Fighting it?

Complaining about it, playing victim to it, blaming it for your problems?

Want it to go away?

Embrace it.

Stop resisting.

You're just giving it power.

Instead, stop and look right at it.

Acknowledge it's there.

Study it in detail.

Admit you've been resisting.

Be brave. Lean in.

Confront it head on.

Accept it.

Embrace it.

Study it some more.

See beyond what is bugging you.

See what might be developing in you.

The new you on the other side.

Say, you know what? I appreciate you.

You make me know what I really want.

I want the opposite of you.

And because I want that so much, I'm grateful you showed me.

Thank you for showing me the path to getting what I want.

I have to become that very thing in the midst of you.

I am the light in the darkness.

Instead of resisting you, I'm stepping through you and manifesting my desire in the midst of you.

I need peace and order. You are chaos. Instead of running away, I am creating peace and order in the midst of you. I radiate that calming energy into you. All resentment falls away from me as I allow you to be what you are as I am what I am. When I stop expecting you to change, you do.

I need love and admiration. You are indifference. Instead of insisting that you change, I do. I realize my precious worth to my Creator and choose to esteem myself right here in the middle of rejection. I don't need your acceptance. I have my own.

I need security and power-full hope. You are dreadful and unknown and seem overwhelmingly out of my control. I confront you and say my future is not in your hands, but my God's and my own. He alone says what will happen to me; He can intervene at any time to rescue me by any means...and He trains me how to carve out my own way in this world. I embrace you, crazy situation, without fear and become hopeful in the same kind of faith that trusts a roller coaster.

I am light in the darkness. My force is greater.

I influence you. You don't influence me.

I disarm your power.

Light disarms darkness.

Love disarms fear.

Hope disarms dread.

Acceptance disarms resistance.

By acceptance, I overcome.

By taking responsibility to become what I need in your midst, I overcome.

The problem can no longer persist.


Something new takes over.

The story can go on, better than before.

I'm influencing it for good now.

I overcome.

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