• Lori

What's a Fire*Work?

You’ve been handpicked to be here today.

God who sees and knows every detail knows your need and arranged for us to be together right now for one purpose: to KNOW that He knows us. He wants us to APPRECIATE HIM in order to open up a clear channel ... all so we can CATCH THE FIRE of His glory that He wants to send into our hearts!

He wants us to burn together. It’s His favorite.

If your love's been cooling off in all the separation and upheaval of this strange epoch, it's time to come in toward the light. Now's not the time for tepid tea parties. He wants us to burn HOT for several good reasons!

I have a note in my Bible that says, “You’re described in heaven by your proximity to the throne.” It’s right next to Revelation chapter 4, which describes a magnificently detailed scene that's happening just past the door that stands open between heaven and earth.

You’re here today because you think it’d be the best thing ever to walk through that door. You belong near the throne where all the action is.

You love the Lord Jesus and want to live your life for MORE while you're here on Earth.

You just know there’s more than meets the eye to everything.

You want the fire that God started in you to stay lit, though the whole world wants to blow you out.

You’re defiant. You want to shine!

You want to run hot, not tepid.

You want to “get it” so your passion is real and vibrant and strong.

Diversity pleases God and we are various here. This honors Him so much; it’s a picture of heaven! We are many types who are at different points in our journey but we all share the status of being souls who long for true connection with God while we’re here on earth. We are devoted to Him—He’s ruined us for anything else—and we will be devoted to Him forever.

If you’re like me, you need constant reminders about how to stay focused. You need to hear God’s voice for yourself to stay close to His heart...to burn.

That’s what Fire*Works is all about.

The times are thick with anticipation. We are entering a new era. Everyone in the world can feel that something big is coming. The plot keeps getting messier and a theme keeps repeating in my mind—does it for you? “Be Ready!” For what? I don’t know, but it’s gonna be epic!

For us—for all who are in Christ and have received eternal life—nothing is too scary because death is not the end for us, but the beginning. Fear is not a factor for me as much as being prepared. I want to be fully aware, fully equipped and fully poised to act in a way I’ll be glad of when I look back on it from eternity’s shore.

I want to be filled with the power and intelligence of God in any situation! I want love to compel me, peace to anchor me, hope to be the fragrance that I leave in every room. I want faith to drive me. I want to be so full of attention on Jesus that nothing else has any appeal.

I want to live like a house on fire. You too?

Then you, my friend, are a Fire*Work.

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