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The Most Powerful Force in the World

We need serious help.

All humans have a yucky little secret that messes everything up.

This includes you. How do I know? I had it too.


It's vague. It starts the first time we do something we know is wrong.

Oh gosh, it feels bad. It's a mean tickle. Like a piece of sand, we can't dislodge it so we try to make it better. We learn to cover it as best we can. As little kids we notice when we do things people don't like so we say, "Oh, I won't do that then," and hope people will forget about that wrong thing we did. We spend a lot of energy trying to gain favor: when people really like some things we do, we decide to do those as much as possible.

So begins the formation of the false self. A pearl.

Bit by bit, our persona forms like a shell.

All of our deciding and agreement-making is to fortify and protect our core, that soft, real self that streamed in from somewhere at conception, our ghost in the machine, our indefinable part that came from a very pure, holy place. Our precious core came from love, is made of love, is here to love. It would be so great to always operate from that holy part, but often we don't because the pearl acts first. Out of reaction or habit, our persona defends and protects our core in a knee-jerk way so fast that we don't even know we do it...at once preserving and imprisoning the precious, purest part of us.

Sometimes our pearl resembles the core, but sometimes, depending on people's responses and our agreements, the facade can become the furthest thing from the real self. How much one is encouraged by love in early life and how much one fears punishment determines their outward show.

Some people's shell can be very tough to crack.

Fear collects in us as we live in this world. It can be terrible, trying to navigate and cope among so many other false selves trying to navigate and cope too. We all have pure love inside but we're afraid to let it out, fearing rejection, always trying to deal with this vague fear of punishment for things we're doing wrong. We carry the weight of our past mistakes and other's accusations and miscalculations like an albatross, incorporate it into our lives and call it our personality.

It's not all bad. We live in a binary place. How wonderful when love breaks through! Love is what makes life worth living, for love like a solvent, an abrasive, weakens the strongholds we build around our hearts out of our fear of not being good enough and darn worthy of judgment. Love-without-judgment cleanses us and lightens our load. It allows our inner, holy love-light to shine through. Love feels so good.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear is always related to punishment... but love's perfection drives the fear of punishment far from our hearts. (1 John 4:18)

The problem is that no human love can break through our shell completely. Nothing at our own level quite penetrates all the way to the core enough to set it free. Our innate dread of rejection, of punishment, is too deep, too strong; no human love has enough power to break it down. No human can fully convince us to surrender our guard because we just know they will devastate us if we do. No human is holy.

This is why we need a savior that's beyond human. Jesus the Son of God is the only person in history who never put on a false pretense that then became His personality.

Jesus never built a pearl. He had no strongholds. The perfect love inside of Him was the exact person He displayed on the outside. He had no persona. Why? Because He never did wrong, He never feared loss or punishment. His perfect record kept Him in constant connection and acceptance with His Father outside of this realm. He didn't fear the day He'd have to answer for His life, because He was in constant accountability already...and he was always at peace with God.

Jesus stayed holy. He only ever acted out of his real, pure holy self. Being God who became man, He lived a perfect life for one purpose: so He could be a sacrifice, taking the punishment that we all dread for not living a pure and holy life. He took the full brunt of what we all fear so much and died on the cross so He could bury it once and for all.

Jesus did what no human could do: He loved hard enough to break through your fear-built shell.

He eliminated the source of what makes your live in fear: punishment. How? Nothing has to be paid for twice. Once he took your punishment for something, it's over. Think about that: every repercussion of fear-based, not-loving things done BY you and TO you--every single mistake and consequence--were nailed to Jesus's body and soul as He died on a pole lifted up for all to see...all so that you don't have to dread anything anymore. His love broke the curse of that deep, awful fear forever.

Jesus' love is the most powerful force in the world.

Let Jesus crack your shell so your essence can shine out.

You can drop your persona and be who you were made to be.

You can have this freedom, this peace.

You can live from your true self.

Simply believe and receive the gift.

His all-surpassing love is powerful because it is absolutely complete, lacking nothing.

It's able to cut through whatever does have holes and weaknesses.

His holy perfection drives out the power of fear.

Accept His love. Receive it. Let it do its perfect work in you.

You don't have to try be good enough anymore; He is good enough to cover you.

You don't have to pay for your mistakes; He took your place and paid.

You don't have to keep raising yourself to prove your worth. He rose back to life to prove His all-powerful love will uphold you.

Jesus' sacrifice paid to get rid of your fear and dread and performance anxiety.

As you surrender your persona and consent to join with Him, you're filled with Jesus' righteousness. The same constant connection and acceptance He has with His Father is now yours: you are connected and accepted too. You have nothing to fear. In Jesus, you stand as a holy, pure person, in perfect accountability that is based on Jesus' impeccable record. All your mistakes melt in His goodness.

Receive God's love-without-judgment now. Release all fear of punishment.

God's love-without-judgment came through the cross.

God judged every sin as it hung on Him, so it's over now. Receive it.

Because of Him, you are not in trouble.

You can live freely. You can live from your core, overflowing with God's love. No fear.

You don't need any more defenses. Your core is safe. Jesus defends you. His love breaks through your strongholds, and protects your core with His constant acceptance. Now you can keep dropping fear-based habits for the rest of your life. You won't need them anymore.

No matter what anyone says or does, you are permanently free in His love and kindness.

You're perpetually excused.

Pardoned. Exonerated. Worthy.


Free to love.

In Christ Jesus, you are forever accepted and replenished with a fountain of renewed affirmation that never ends. God is pleased with you, for you are in His Son.

It's called grace. Nobody deserves it, but it does the job and is available to everyone who accepts it.

Living in awe and wonder, in grateful thanks for His amazing, supernatural gift of undeserved love like this, we are then filled by the source of His love and are free to express that love-without-judgment to others.

All that Jesus is, so are you in this world. (1 John 4:17)

You're free from the expectation of performance. Now that you're secured in grace, you can operate out of the overflow of love, rather than trying to earn it. You don't have to earn your keep. Because Jesus released the full expression of God's love-without-judgment to you, you can live in that love, knowing that you are all good. This is called faith. The justified people who trust Jesus live by that stuff.

Gratefulness for this gift of freedom from that weight you always knew but could never define is meant to compel a desire in you to express that same kind of love. the love that doesn't hold a record of wrongs can now flow through you. You can choose to do for others as Jesus did for you: forgive their offense and release the full expression of God's love-without-judgment.

By doing this, you are His image-bearer.

And when you release His all-powerful love, it's a solvent, an abrasive that breaks down the chemical structures of bondage that people have been building their whole lives around their awesome core. You can be one who is like Jesus on this earth, going around doing good in the power He gives.

Every child of God overcomes the world, for our faith is in the victorious love-power that triumphs over the world system of fear and punishment! (1 John 5:4)

Actions reveal faith for real. The hallmark of one who is filled with God's Spirit is LOVE.

Everyone who is fathered by God knows Him intimately. As they pour out to others the love He pours in, they get to know and understand Him. If you want to know God, then watch as you pour out love to others; you will see His love revealed in real time. He explains His love for you as you reveal His intentions on the earth.

On the day of judgment, we who have accepted His love poured out through Jesus on the cross will stand fearlessly before Him. We will know Him. We will have fulfilled our purpose, having been His image bearers here, releasing the expression of His loving nature to others. God will have lived in us. His perfect love will have expelled all of our fear.

This is the power of the Gospel: it exposes our dirty little secret and smashes it to bits.

Here's a breakdown of the good news that must be spread far and wide to everyone alive on Earth. Freedom is available to all!

  1. That vague dread you feel? It's fear of being out of favor, in trouble...that something is very wrong. That's where your depression, anxiety, overachievement stems from. It's a heavy weight.

  2. You can be free of that awful feeling!

  3. There is a God in heaven who made everything, and to whom everything must answer. The dread you feel is because you've become separated from His love--the most powerful force in the universe!--and all you sense now is His judgment.

  4. He made a way for you to reconnect with His love and become free of that awful weight of dread at the exact same time!

  5. Just listen and believe how He sent His Son Jesus to show His love in the most powerful form: He died in your place to release God's full expression of love-without-judgment to you. God the Father poured out all of His judgment on Jesus. Jesus absorbed it all so that you don't have to fear it anymore.

  6. You can die to your heavy false self that formed in fear and dread as you made patterns to try and fix yourself to be good enough. You can drop that persona and leave it behind--you can live a free, pure life that streams out of your real self, always overflowing with love-without-judgment just like your Creator!

  7. You can get to know God as your Father by staying in connection with Him and releasing His love-without-fear to others. It's the most powerful force in the universe and you were made to let it flow through you. You were designed to be His image bearer who releases His nature on earth.

  8. You can overcome anything in His power as you live without fear from your real self!

Just say, "Jesus I need your gift of freedom! I am tired of my way and I choose yours instead. I believe you took all of my punishment and I can't thank you enough. I receive all that you died and rose again to give to me. Please come reconnect me with my eternal source and help me know God as my Father, like you do. Fill me with your Spirit of peace and remove all fear from my life. I want to live from my core and share love-without-judgment...no fear. Teach me how to live like you--pure and holy, always accepted and free in God's love. Thank you for breaking through to the real me!"

As you say this, I say "Welcome to the family!!!" Angels are dancing for joy all around you right now! I love you and can't wait to hear your story someday of how your life changes, now that you're anchored in love and free from fear. Keep remembering freedom by reading the Bible; it teaches how to live in love's truth while you're still in this confusing world that runs on fear. You are in it, but not of it anymore. You're a child of God, totally joined with Jesus, and heaven is your home. You came from there and you will definitely return to it, held in peace and confidence based on Jesus' constant accountability. Because He's always cool with God, so are you!

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