• Lori

Supercharge Your New Plants with the Power of Blessing

There I was in the garden on my hands and knees before a foot-deep, freshly-dug hole, laying a Canna bulb down into its bed for the summer: a few inches of rich soil that I'd just crushed fine with my bare hand. My voice rang out over the scene,

"Lord, in your power and authority I bless this life. This bulb was designed by you with codes for certain beauty. I bless it and ask you to ensure that it becomes all that it was made to be."

As I grabbed clods of dirt and squeezed them into nourishing sprinkles, I remembered praying the same things over my kids as they went to school, prepared for big events, slept in their beds. I can honestly say the prayers worked; they are now wonderful, working young adults who are making the world a more beautiful place.

I saw in the garden that day that there's just too much of an opportunity here to waste. Blessings are not just something to pray over our kids, and they're certainly not something to ignore. Any time we plant something new in our lives, we need to use the power of blessing that our Creator gave to us. I believe wholeheartedly that when we do, something extra kicks into gear on a naturally supernatural level.

What if we saw each new client relationship, new business endeavor, new classroom, new project we start as a seed or a bulb? Perhaps that would make us consciously aware of the precious nature of the future that God has planned for it, its intrinsic worth in His eyes as a vehicle for interaction and life in real time.

Consider this notion: there are codes within every thing and circumstance that God Himself programmed in it that inform it how to develop according to His desire. All natural things have been designed and orchestrated for His honor and to bring glory to His Name. What if we realized that as we partner with Him consciously and actively, verbally apply our God-given power of blessing to the new things we plant, it engages the programmed codes He placed within? Planted things WILL grow--it's what they do. Our initial action sets things in motion. Why not pour on the supernatural rocket fuel of blessing? How much more awesome can things get when we add that part? I'm eager to find out.

Actively watching things progress paired with eager expectation of God's increase is the seat I'm choosing to take. This is what we were designed to do, I think. I believe God wants us to be conscious of new developments as they occur--it delights Him to share that coolness with us, his kids. Relational interaction and the joy of discovery is the best, most-fun part of parenting, if you ask me, and God is the best parent ever.

Now that the kids are on their own journeys, I'm beginning to build business structures that will support me for the next decades of my life. God told me a couple of years ago to start working at creativity and make it work for me, so I'm digging wells and creating streams of income, both passive and active. One of those is Print on Demand design work. With each new design I create and list in my soon-opening digital storefronts, because of what happened in the garden the other day, I am actively praying a blessing over the "bulb." Whether it seems crazy or not, it just seems right to do. I was created in the image and likeness of God, and I am bound to do what He does, in His authority and power--this is my design and function upon the earth, so I'm applying it to business stuff.

God said to His children the Israelites: "What you bless, I will bless..." I am His child now, by my trust and faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. God and I are now in covenant just as the Israelites and He were, so the same benefits He spoke over them now apply to me...and you! Why now put this beautiful trait, this power of blessing, to work?

God planted Earth and the Heavens and blessed them. He said they were good! In Hebrew, "good" means "it will work!" Indeed, what God started is still working. Whatever God speaks, goes hard. Even when problems arise that threaten to kill it, what God set forth and blessed keeps on track and works things out, bearing through to the other side in cycles and healings, over and over again. If it weren't for God, this world would have ended a billion times by now. He continuously works behind the scenes on our behalf. He keeps us in His love and faithfulness. He cares about us so much, He's intricately aware of every aspect and dimension of our lives, and has definite plans He wants to see play out. He wants our lives to go well--so well that we turn out to become like Him along the way!

As we plant and bless our new things, we can be assured that whatever pests and blight or issues may come, God is for us. His blessing on us is always working. We work with Him through choosing to release our faith and hope in His love. When we bless things initially, we opened a valve for His love to pour in from heaven and we pressed "go" on the codes within that thing on earth. After that moment, we must watch over them, continuing to bless, keeping the channel open for His powerful love to pour through as the issues play out. As the thing chugs along it's little path, we get to keep working on our end to help it get through to the other side of any problems, all the while knowing that God's love is powerful and HIS blessing over us will not fail--He will keep working in unseen ways to get things back to "good." He will ensure that whatever's a vehicle for His glory WILL keep working until it's served its purpose.

When things' purposes are fulfilled, that is cause for celebration! We tend to think that endings are sad, but God sees them as a matter of course. In His view, they were good and faithful servants while they did their stint on Earth, and when they're done He invites them to enter into His joy. I think one of the coolest parts of Heaven will be our new awareness to see how many things were agents of His love in our lives that we didn't even notice.

Heaven is the ultimate garden, where all is revealed in its full glory and where there is no enemy, no issues, no blight, no threats, no rebellion, no death. In God's garden, there's only completeness, reasonable order, pure beauty and perfection. There we will see how everything really was working for our good on the cursed Earth, and how we really were blessed as God constantly worked out His plan of peace that passes understanding...even in the dirt.

I hope this crazy idea of me blessing my bulbs and my new business things actually sparks similar awareness in you, too. I pray that it makes such an impression on you that during that in your own life, whenever you're starting new things, you'll recall this powerful God-given trait, and you'll consciously bless your new assignments, relationships and endeavors. Then I hope God blows you away with what happens next.

How will you activate the best God has for you and yours for the remainder of your days? I'd love to hear your stories when we all get to hang out in the garden together someday. They're gonna be good.



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