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How to Start, Ready or Not

When it's time to launch something new, there's always a barrier.

Your one and only job is to get past it.

That's when the fun can begin.

Sometimes that wall presents itself as constant interruptions that make you keep putting it off. Sometimes it's a persistent feeling of not being ready or not having everything perfectly in place. Other times it's financial lack. Most of the time, it's emotional lack--you want to want to, but you can't bring yourself to really want to.

Starting the Working@Creativity YouTube Channel and online community is a big, huge, daunting task to me, and I've been thinking of and planning it for ages. I know it'll be a good thing in people's lives--encouraging and prompting so much positive action in the world--and I know it's a great way to grab all the strands of my own creative projects and weave them into a tapestry that makes sense...

...but it's had a lot of barriers. Only when two things happened did the wheels start turning, and here they are:

I decided.

I acted.

Voila! Not rocket science. Choices remove obstacles. Decisions move the plot forward. Nothing new here, but still...these are what it took to get past the barrier and START.

Here's the secret to me getting to those choices and decisions, though...and this is the point I want to plant in you today:

I finally believed I could succeed...ready or not.

Belief opens possibility.

I can get ready on the way! There's no reason not to start right now!

What you believe is possible will radically change your perspective. Only when you open yourself up to the rational option that success is yours for the taking--only then will you receive permission to move forward. There's something in you that wants to survive...and avoiding risk is pretty important to that facet of you...so you need to be pulled forward by something even stronger than the fear-based desire to stay safe.

Permission granted to be inspired by the outcome.

Shift your perspective to imagine yourself living out the idea that's in your heart. That's when you'll start to move toward it--that's when you'll push past the barrier.

Permission given = boldness to claim.

My daughter went to Chicago and shopped at the Amazon Go store. Because the overhead sensors could read the Amazon account info on everyone's mobile devices as they entered, anyone entering that shop could just leave with whatever they wanted. No barriers. Walk in, take something, and walk out.

Because payment was already guaranteed, permission was granted. Nothing stood in the way. My daughter had total boldness to claim the things she wanted.

My friend, I hope this helps you: you've been granted permission to take hold of what you want in this life. You are a hard worker--your payment for that desire is already guaranteed because the overhead sensors can read your heart. Of course you're willing to make a trade in exchange for your dream to come to pass! Because of that agreement, you may exercise all boldness to claim ownership of it. Believe in your ability to make it happen. Your future self knows it's yours...an has already paid for it. Walk out. Just start. NOW.

So what is the thing you want to get going? What's the good that would result? What's stopping you? What choices will remove those obstacles? What decisions will move the plot forward? Comment below and join the permission party. Let's walk out with action in our steps, bold and brave, willing to work at creativity!

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