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I'm Lori. We've either met in person and found me here on the website or somehow stumbled onto this page. However it's come to this moment, I'm so glad our paths have crossed. Through this one-sided portal, I'll tell you a little about me and maybe give a little more insight into what I'm all about than you would know in a real live setting. Please fill me in on your story, if you like, when we meet again.

Creativity literally makes the world go round for me--I notice patterns and rhythms and beauty and order and like to see how it all fits together. Nothing excites me more, so I'm usually super excited about something because fascinating connections show up all the time! When things come together in a particularly interesting way, I exclaim how I love it, and at least have a conversation about it. If it's really good and keeps showing up, I try to knit a song around it or paint a picture or write a post so I won't forget...and maybe bless another with the insight. Wisdom calls out to all of us to slow down and listen so she can show us what's going on behind the scenes. When we do see and understand, I believe we are drawn into a very cool place of awe and worship. I believe it's the greatest task and joy of human life to notice and honor the brilliance of our Creator.

So I'm a worship leader...a songwriter...a singer...an artist...an appreciator of life and God and people. I'm into growth and improvement from my end so I can see eternal things better with things like pain, sorrow, frustration and lack out of the way. I love to travel so I can gain new perspective and gather different sensory input. I love the brain and how it works. I love the heart and how it drives. I love the soul and the spirit, and I believe they are distinctly different yet intimately part of one another. I love to go deep. Come swim with me!

I love God and how He has loved us with such tender compassion and saved us all so completely. I love the Bible and every vessel of truth that provides a map for the journey we all get to walk out once. I want to live my one life to the fullest and I plan to fight off whatever would keep me from that...and I'm finally discerning and learning how to do it, by God. This is the heart of discipleship! You're invited into what He shows me! I will share it all here.

Seasons of dark confusion blocked my creativity for a while; I felt like I was dying. Good news, though: depression, despair, disobedience and disappointment are defeated foes; by faith in the finished work of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they will not claim any more chapters in my story! I am learning how to be who I really am and how to kick out whatever blocks truth, clarity, appreciation and creativity. By choosing better words, foods, actions and focus, I'm changing my responses to challenges into powerful paths that lead to glorious places. I'm telling a better story. The chapters to come are going to be more exciting than ever before.

I'm so glad you're here. Please sign up and subscribe to stay tuned to new posts and please comment when you have something to add to the beauty of this new blog-forum. I have lots of other, former posts at https://sunnywonder.blogspot.com/ ; feel free to check out those too.

To start the conversation right now, log in and comment today! What makes the world go 'round for you--what's the most important thing in your life, that when it's gone or blocked, makes you feel like you're dying...but when it's flowing freely, makes you feel super excited about living?

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