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Fuel Up: Term #2

The second term of agreement to live a life on fire involves FUEL.

You must agree to contain and host a constant supply.

The parable of the wedding also features oil. The Bible often speaks in types and symbols, and oil is always a type or a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Five girls took extra oil and five ran out. What does that mean to us, Fire*Works?

Jesus tells His disciples in John 20:22 to receive the Holy Spirit. Jesus commanded his disciples to receive the Holy Spirit because it is the source of God’s divinity--therein lies our resurrection life! Holy Spirit is His is-ness, God's very essence. That which makes God GOD. He is glad to share this incredibly precious part of Himself like the best gift ever to any and all who want to let Him live inside of them. Do you grasp how amazing that statement is?!? He is infinite! He is all-powerful! He is all-knowing! He is all-present! He is holy! He is everything good, all present at once. He is literally full of nothing but love and creativity. And He wants to fill you with that too.

There is no end to Him, so when God gives His Holy Spirit out, His own supply doesn't diminish at all! That means every individual creature in creation--in heaven and on earth--could be filled to the brim with God’s essence and He’d still be as full as He ever was. Wow! And do you know, that’s the whole point of why Jesus came: so that all creation might receive the infinite nature of God and become connected with His power-source forever. This has been the plan of God all along.

This is why in Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church, he told God's people, "Don’t fill yourself up with wine—instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit!" (Ephesians 5:18) Holy Spirit is the real thing that alcohol can only attempt to imitate! This is what we all crave, because we were made to elevate. We were designed to hold His Spirit in us. (Accept no substitutes, Fire*Work!)

The language Paul uses differs significantly from Jesus' command to receive the Holy Spirit. Why? If the Holy Spirit is infinite and we’ve already received Him in one moment at salvation, why does Paul imply that we need to be continually filled?

In this world, in our current state, if we want to be elevated/chemically altered, we have to keep drinking. We use stuff up and have to replenish the supply. Think about how many liquids you drink, foods you eat, clothes you wear, stuff you use and have to buy again. It’s the nature of this world; everything has to be maintained.

In heaven that is not the case. In the spirit realm, the power of the Holy Spirit keeps us permanently in the hand of God—nothing can pluck us out, so our salvation is secure. (John 10:28) Once we’ve been born again, we are a new creation in Christ; old things have passed away and behold, we have become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17) Yet to keep the fire burning in this realm we need to keep a steady supply of fuel, so we often have to get new doses of the Holy Spirit.

If we want to stay full and be influenced by Him, we need to keep drinking. We're responsible to raise the glass; we have to maintain an open connection on our end. We gotta keep being filled or we'll be like the five silly girls who had to leave at the worst possible moment to go find more oil.

Fire*Work, you must be constantly filled with the Holy Spirit.

Okay, how?

Simply ask. He wants to give Himself to you. You will receive! He wants to flow into you…just open wide and let Him in! You can have enough oil if you just want it enough to ask for it and invest the time in His presence so He can pour it in!

Use your imagination--gain understanding by experience!

To be filled with the Holy Spirit:

*Step into the light at the feet of Father God and ask Him to pour His is-ness into you.

*Let His hand rest upon your head and feel His power slip in to you.

*Watch Him smile into your face. Get filled up!

*Say thank you and enjoy that connection with Him.

This connection moment can happen anytime, anywhere…and should happen often! This is our source of life and peace. Praise Jesus that He made a way for full access to God like this!

The second step of being a Fire*Work is agreeing to be filled continually by the Holy Spirit. When you contain and host a constant supply of that perfect fuel, you'll stay lit, ready for anything.

Next post: Term #3--Flame. Will you catch it?

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