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Enemy #1: Resistance -- Swish Past and Change the World

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

You were designed to do great things in this story. Things so great in fact, that if you knew the impact they'd have on the world, you'd be stunned...then you'd get to work.

The nature of this world is to oppose creativity. Squelching artistic endeavors is the enemy's favorite, because it keeps us humans from being the image bearers we were made to be. Our heavenly Father is quite creative, you know.

Think of resistance as a jungle. Everywhere all at once, growing an inch a second, it wants to crowd every inch of space, leaving you no room to breathe or move. Progress is impossible without a machete and incredible perseverance.

  • Those comments by well-meaning people in your life who just want you to get a safe job and settle down = resistance.

  • Those downright rude comments from internet and social media trolls = resistance.

  • Those inner dialogues that constantly tell you your stuff isn't good, the world doesn't need one more, there's no market for, why even bother no one cares = resistance.

  • That rejection from someone when you did get brave and share = resistance.

  • That fear and confusion, shame and depression = resistance.

All of it is intended to cut off your will to do what you were put here to do. You can't be fruitful and multiply if your will to create is worn out. You can't do what leads to life if you're rendered impotent by the powerlessness and hopelessness, the hallmarks of resistance.

Blocked creativity is the number one cause of depression in the world. Unexpressed, it turns to rot inside where it poisons and can kill. At the very least, it will smother your give a darn and leave you to a life of quiet desperation.

Fight back. Get out the sharpest cutting tool you can locate and start swinging.

The sharpest tool in the universe? The truth.

God's Word is your best friend here. The book called the Bible is full of razor-sharp swords that can cut through lies like butter. Grab some and say them over yourself, claiming they're true even when you don't feel it, aren't hearing it from anyone else, and can't see how yet. God's Word arches over every other narrative. Let it permeate yours.

Let your Father's Word define your story.

When you let God's Word establish the narrative structure of your tale, saying it over and over your life day after day, resistance has no choice but to give way. It's cut; it has to bow.

The result: creative flow. You're free to move about the story then, creating and moving forward in favor you never thought possible.

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