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Cover Your Weak Spot: Stop Getting Played and Stand Strong

What triggers you to make bad choices? To react out of fear or pain or need? This is your weak spot! You need to see it, cover it and stop your enemy from playing with it.

I watched the film War Room this week (watch the trailer) and remembered how strategy matters. The central message is that there is an unseen enemy who roams about looking for ways to devour your life, studying you like a specimen of prey. His only aim is take down. For that reason, we have to be aware of his schemes and take proactive steps to survive.

What’s important to you? That’s his target. His mission is to steal, kill and destroy you, and he will get to you through whatever you hold dear. Evil is pure and relentless. This earth is a battleground and you’re vulnerable unless you recognize the war, wake up, and get strategic...but gosh, this is easy to forget.

Last week my oldest daughter suddenly didn’t call or contact us for four days while she traveled around New Zealand, sending me into near panic as I imagined awful possibilities. My second daughter is at a school three hours away right now with a kidney infection that isn’t healing under antibiotics, and she’s wracked with fever. Today she’s headed to the clinic for a third time. Her father and I are staying in contact and standing by for what needs to come next, but there is only so much we can do from here. I’ve been praying defensively for two days, pleading for God to spare her from suffering and heal her completely.

This morning, in fear and anxiety as she called to report a higher fever than ever, I realized I've been on high alert for two weeks. I asked, “God, please show me what’s going on here! What is the enemy’s strategy?” Immediately I saw an image of strings attached from me to my loved ones. I love many people, not just my kids, and lots are struggling right now, so many strings streamed from my body.

My weak spot is Worry. And the devil has been playing my strings like a harp.

When I get a phone call from someone in crisis, those worry strings twang.

How can I stop this concerto of madness and stand in God’s peace?

Be anxious for nothing but in everything...let your requests be known to God...and the peace of God that passes understanding will guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

I soooo need a guard to cover my weak spot. God's peace is the only thing big enough to stand over all of those worry strings attached to my heart and mind!

As I wrote in my journal, a new strategy unfolded that will allow me and you to

  • exercise the dunamis power He lent to me as His witness and ambassador—the able-power to do something here on earth that doesn’t come from me, but from Him.

  • believe He is able to work miracles from heaven in this physical realm.

  • ask him (in this position of faith and confidence in His divine power) to open a gate over the afflicted and speak His word of Life over their situation, that they may experience His goodness and favor, restoration-healing and grace.

God’s Strategy to Defeat Worry and Know Peace

Recognize entanglement.

Pull back from being in the center of it all. Distance allows you to see the whole scene, which includes more than how you feel. Detachment allows you to see everything in the picture, especially God.

Cover that weakness.

Acknowledge God’s sovereignty over every aspect and dimension of the situation. Tell your soul not to be anxious, but to trust God.

Release the outcome.

Put your hand over the strings. Interrupt the devil’s ability to play those strings by telling him to leave now, then give all those strings to God. Let go of the false responsibility you have assumed.

Seek God’s kingdom benefit.

Ask Him for your specific request—what you would like to happen—remembering His goodness and mercy.

Expect His goodness to cover everything.

Since you’re not a spoiled child, relinquish your need to have it all turn out just like you asked, since He is a good Father and gives the best gifts with all things considered, not just your will. He knows the future He has for you and everyone involved, and it is good, not evil, to give a future and hope. Let His idea of future and hope come to fullness, not yours.

Faithfully open the channel for His higher ways to come in.

In this position of total trust in God’s goodness, affirm His Word over the situation by seeking out specific promises from the scriptures. Things go from defensive to offensive strategy at this point.

Fire away at the target. Take ground.

Say those scriptures aloud, releasing them in His Name as His mouthpiece on the physical plane called Earth. Claim victory instead of just protecting territory. Jesus won over the devil every single time by saying, “It is written…” and so will we. His Word is the sword that cuts the head off the enemy...and keeps his hand off of your strings.

You can experience God’s peace that passes understanding even in hard moments.

Exercise the power (dunamis) Jesus lent to us as His witnesses and ambassadors.

Know that He is able to accomplish whatever concerns you today.

Believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Take Him at His word and know that His Word always does what He sends it out to do.

Draw your sword. Fight like a warrior, for that's what you are, child of God.

You were made to dwell in peace, come what may. Having done all, you may simply stand and rest in God's goodness, knowing He has the matter well in hand.

Your Faithful God will come through.

He is your shield and great reward.

You shall be established in righteousness, far from oppression; you shall not fear.

Terror will not come near you. They will assemble, but they will fail.

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