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Growing things change. Nature proves this in a million ways...but the converse is true too: when things stop growing, they start dying.

We humans are also subject to this law. Why, then, are we so loathe to change? Why do we get comfortable and end up circling around the same old stuff until long after it stops nourishing us? This tendency to stay put saps our life-force. Why doesn't the urge to grow outweigh our urge to sit?

The root of the problem is ego--that unobserved little king of everything who tyrannizes life from the inside. It's fiercely resistant to change because it loves control and aims to maintain power by keeping things just as they are--and gets really upset when that equilibrium is threatened. Status quo may be killing us softly, but the ego would have us stay put rather than change because it's easier, safer and known.

This power grab is why we often feel numb and listless, like a wilting plant.

What can free us from this awful slow death? What will reintroduce vitality and zest? Change!

#changeisgood !

The only way to get excited about life again to feel free and unstuck and hopeful is to CHANGE. You have to overthrow the current inner regime. You must force yourself to DO WHAT YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE DOING to change and grow in meaningful ways.

You'll never feel like it. To engage your powerful part, you'll have to make yourself move. Want your powerful self back the driver's seat? Want to feel passionate about life? That can start happening within just a few good decisions and actions.

My daughter is twenty. She just came through a season of feeling super hopeless, numb and bored. She knows how it is to go to the same job and come home everyday to the same scene, same patterns, same everything ever. She's lived at home all her life up to now, having chosen not to attend university but instead enter the world of work. She's a nanny (a very good one) and makes enough money to move out on her own, but timing and mindsets and details had yet to come together so she could make it all happen. In the months of waiting, she got mentally down far enough that she started to think she needed counseling, but really all she needed was change. As soon as she overcame fear and booked a trip to New Zealand, she also lined up an apartment to move out the day after her return, and presto! She found new sparkle--no more depression.

Her leaps were extreme; they don't have to be. I, too, went through a period of drab hopelessness last year. I, too, have made some changes this year, but mine were tinier. I just started making myself get up out of bed when the alarm went off and putting on my shoes to work out on the elliptical in the basement. This, and the prayers I prayed while working out, have cleared my head enough that creativity now seeps in again like welcome water. My juices are flowing and I am teeming with new hope. With only a few small changes, other even bigger changes are coming soon--a whole new chapter in my life!

As soon as you admit to yourself that you're stagnant, you start to wake up and see why you've been so depressed and blah: your ego has been keeping itself alive at your expense!

Hallelujah, let the revolution begin. That longing for more means you're still alive in there.

Oh, you're not going to feel like changing at first. Your ego doesn't go down easily--you'll be afraid, make excuses, maybe even feel downright rebellious. Resistance is the ego's number one defense mechanism. Your powerful self will overcome when it simply says, "Shut up. I'm doing it anyway." You have to force yourself to make a move.

Action holds all the cards. When you do something--anything--to move forward in a positive direction, you support the overthrow and create momentum that will help you steer your life. You'll start to tell a better story.

Victory is won in small steps.

Exert your powerful force to change with tiny actions in positive directions throughout the day: wrap your sandwich in lettuce instead of bread. Eat the apple instead of chips. Drink a glass of water. Make the phone call. Text that person you can't get off your mind. Kiss your kid and tell them you love them. Sit down with your lover and just be together for a few minutes. Read instead of watch a show. Write down that thought you would usually let slip away. Stack up small wins.

Every time you take action in the direction you really want to go, you release energy and inspiration for more change in that positive way, and prepare yourself with momentum that will carry you through whatever challenges may lie ahead.

A lot of energy has been put into keeping your life insulated and small, but a little bit of powerful energy can break you out and keep you free.

Strongholds fall when power breaks through.

Your ego has been trying to create the illusion of safety and control against the big, scary world of uncertainty...so many elements out there are beyond our control, so fear-based thinking seems logical in the beginning stages. The ego started out with good intentions, perhaps: building suppositions of doubt, protective behaviors, inner vows and thoughts to help avoid messes and maintain some amount of peace. The problem with the ego being in charge comes down to our human need for growth--the strongholds we build up in our minds keep us from knowing the glory of life that will keep us growing in healthy ways.

The powerful part of you knows this and longs for adventure...travel...a new career...intimate relationships...creative expression...all the fun stuff. Doesn't this part sound like a much better judge and director for the leadership position of your life?

If you feel stuck, your ego has been in charge. If you've had a cloudy mind, felt numb with a foggy future, you've been living in the stronghold of your own private ego-erected kingdom.

It's time to break free into Ultimate Reality.

God knows that sad and powerless is no way to live. Stuck and isolated is not where you belong!

Jesus came to announce hope and freedom! He said, "Ultimate reality is all around you! Change your mind and believe this good news!"

"Ultimate reality" is the kingdom of God--vast and infinite, full of possibility and provision, abundance and grace, mercy and justice, love and acceptance, forgiveness and joy. It is so much better than a world full of closed-off, stronghold-ridden, egocentric tiny kingdoms where everyone has their own conflicting perceptions of reality. There is one, beautiful Ultimate Reality, and Jesus came to wake us up to it. The wider field of perpetual existence that surrounds us on all sides all the time is something He intimately knew, having come from it, and His mission was to let us know it too. Thank God He did. Stuck in the world system, we humans desperately need to be enlightened to this Ultimate Reality...not just once, but on a daily basis!

This is why Jesus said to "repent." We forget Ultimate Reality all the time and need to be reminded of this key that unlocks our freedom. Repentance unseats ego by to changing your mind from limited, ego-based thinking to God's endless, powerful way of thinking. We get to simply change our mind and be free! Moment by moment, we can come away from an ego-based mindset into the freedom of a powerful, confident mindset based on a higher authority: God's. Without the negative, religious connotations, the word repent carries the key to putting our powerful, God-given leadership back into the driver's seat of our life.

Best part: Changing your mind is not that hard. All it takes is surrender.

I used to think surrender meant giving something up. Actually, it means to sink down under.

The love of God, this field of infinite supply and glory, surrounds us on all sides anyway--why not just allow whatever sticks up above the surface of that ocean to just sink? Whatever disagrees, disbelieves, disavows or disobeys God's Ultimate Reality is the ego. That ego/false self in you hates Ultimate Reality because therein lies its demise--in God's freedom, ego's tyranny falls.

Jesus died on the cross as an innocent man to pay for our ego's prison--so we can stop being an island separated from God's vast ocean. The first time we chose to separate--do our own thing in opposition of His goodness--we began to elevate ourselves above God's Ultimate Reality, we started building a tower apart from Him--and we've all done it; Jesus came so we can all chose now to knock ego-islands down and get back under the ocean of His wonderfulness again where we belong. Trusting His goodness, we can breathe Him in and be totally filled by Him, surrounded with endless abundance when we do. This is eternal life: to know God and Jesus Christ whom He sent. Ultimate Reality, endless supply.

#changeisgood indeed. So good!

You get to decide how the rest of your life will be. Ego-trapped or powerfully free? Temporally miserable or eternally blessed? Your choice. Always and forever your choice. Resist or embrace--you get to pick.

You CAN have a great life.

You CAN grow and change and thrive and be happy.

You CAN and you WILL.

In the vast Name and Character of God's Love, Jesus Christ, it's yours for the taking.

Powerful Self-Talk will change your mind.

When resistance to positive change rises up, put it down by sinking under the surface of God's infinite power and loving kindness that has brought you this far, and say:

In my weakness, God's power rushes in and gives me strength. I'm breathing Him in right now. And I'm doing it anyway, in Jesus' Name.

I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Yes, I believe this.

He is able to exceedingly, abundantly accomplish this thing that I need today. I trust Him and let it go so He can do what He will...and I'll do what it takes here on my end.

The Lord will provide and meet all of my needs according to His riches in glory--I'm under the surface of His love for me, and I all I need is here around me. In Christ Jesus, it is already mine. I'm reaching out with action now to take hold of it.

I've walked in the flesh, my ego-self, long enough. It's time to wake up and walk in my powerful spirit--filled by the power of the risen Christ--right now!

#changeisgood !!!

This year, I'm putting my powerful self to work by committing to some big things that'll help me tell a better story like recording a new album, writing a few ebooks and doing live concerts to connect people with the hope I've found. I pray you are inspired to move forward and tell a better story too! Tell me, what is your next step, and what action are you doing now to make it happen? Please comment below and subscribe for more updates and posts that might inspire you even more. Here's to freedom!

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