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An Interruptive Chapter

Many months have passed between the last Fire*Works posts/chapters and this one.

Why? Because our world seems to be succumbing to overwhelmingly corrupt forces, and everything is confusing and convoluted and hard to understand right now. I needed to get my head on straight before writing anything else. I've been spending a lot of time and energy searching out the truth among a solid wall of media lies and lullabies. Lots of things are intending to put me and the rest of humanity to sleep so we won't rise up and demand that justice be done.

Before the 2020 US election, millions upon millions of prayers went up worldwide to the throne of God, asking that fairness would prevail and for corruption to fail. Many fasted too; I was one of them. Believing for a grand show of God's might on behalf of freedom and justice, we voted in record numbers for the candidate of our choice because of his integrity and love for God and country. In spite of every effort, millions of our legitimate votes were cancelled, changed, thrown away, shredded, and nullified. Evidence proving these crimes is overwhelming, well-documented, observable and inrefutable...yet it will not be looked at by any court, including the Supreme Court of the United States, or the legislators who have the right and responsibility to overturn the US election due to obvious foreign manipulation and domestic fraud. Mainstream media and social outlets are shamelessly suppressing the flow of true information, cancelling any and all who share it, and many

companies are firing any employee who dares to address this massive issue on public forums. We, the American people and the good people around the world who have also had elections tampered with and altered by the same insidious forces at work behind the scenes, are supposed to just lie down, forget it happened and accept the corrupt results. It's like the Mafia runs the world right now and we're supposed to pay them to leave us alone and pretend it's all fine.

"Justice is turned back, and

Righteousness stands afar off;

For truth is fallen in the street, and

Equity cannot enter.

So truth fails,

And he who departs from evil makes himself a prey."

Isaiah 59:14-15

Talk about discouraging. Talk about a wet blanket.

I would be quite discouraged indeed if I hadn't researched past the narrative and found out the truth: there is endless sunlight shining behind the dark cloud. There are still many good and godly people working behind the scenes too, not only to expose the truth and keep exposing it, but also to actively bring down and keep bringing down evil people that have been doing even more evil things than national election tampering.

Child trafficking is being stopped in a huge way as gross, systemic networks of pedophiles are being discovered and brought down quietly and decisively. Back room deals are being secretly recorded and exposed, investigated, tried and convicted. Many compromised political and business leaders are simply going quiet and disappearing from their places of influence, either resigning or announcing they will not be resuming their position for one reason or another, though you'd never know of it because mainstream media won't report such things.

In other words, so much justice is being done; the good news is just not out there where everyone can see it yet. Our present is being affected by what history alone will reveal.

It's for this reason that a few good people in positions of influence still refuse to be discouraged. They refuse to wear the wet blanket. They know more than we know right now: that good things are happening and the best really is yet to come!

Though many in this world would have us lay down our standards of morality (justice, righteousness) because it seems like they don't matter anymore, the "white hats" in the story know about things the general public doesn't know about yet. Because of these encouraging wins, they stay lit with passion and they keep those all-important moral standards held high. Their privileged knowledge that is based on reliable intelligence gives them an entirely different perspective. It fuels their fire to keep going strong despite insane pressure and negative resistance, and it compels them to encourage others to keep their fire going too.

Fire*Work, when you know the real deal, you operate from a higher perspective. Knowing the truth really does set you free.

See, the enemy is coming in like a flood right now, trying to drown humanity in a sea of helplessness and powerlessness. Under constant waves of unfairness and corruption, they all expect us to get tired. Feeling helpless and powerless to make change happen for extended amounts of time, it's tempting to become apathetic. Going to sleep and/or staying comfortably numb sounds pretty nice when one has no hope of recourse or escape from an awful situation...and that's the point of the current evil plan. The devil wants humans to go to sleep so he and his dedicated followers can take completely over while we take an exhausted nap in our flooded beds.

Well, God has an answer for us to know well and yell back in his face:

"Then the Lord saw, and it displeased Him that there was no justice.

He saw that there was no man...no intercessor;

Therefore His own arm brought salvation for Him;

For He put on righteousness as a breastplate,

And a helmet of salvation on His head;

He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing

And was clad with zeal as a cloak.

According to their deeds,

Accordingly He will repay fury to His adversaries,

Recompense to His enemies.

The coastlands He will fully repay.

So they shall fear the Name of the Lord from the west,

And His glory from the rising of the sun,



The Redeemer will come to Zion,

And to those who turn from transgression in Jacob, says the LORD."

Isaiah 59:15-20

Jesus said that God sanctifies us by His Word; His Word is truth (John 17:17). This passage from Isaiah's day tells us what God is about to do in OUR TIME! If there was ever a time to shake off the urge to sleep, it's now. We are definitely in the wake up hour! This is no time to be discouraged--it's about to get GOOD! The glory of the Lord is even right now working behind the scenes to purge evil out and save precious souls...but He is about to break through in a major way to purge and save MORE, and it's going to be an amazing show that you don't want to miss.

Right now is the time to turn your eyes from darkness and start focusing on the light. Let the truth wake you to full consciousness like the morning sun in your eyes; let your mind and thoughts come up to the tippy-top of the surface of things and become aware of things beyond. Come to God in His Word and get the most reliable report about what's going on. You are one with Christ. Become eternally-minded, big-picture focused, now more than ever, by consulting with Him in His Word.

*Ask the Lord to show you truth you have missed while you were weary. Believe that He will.

*Stay alert and follow the clues that will come into your awareness. Have curious faith. As you're looking, He'll reveal intel in His Word, speak good news through people in conversations and encourage you through cool communications like words and signs on vehicles, lines in things you read or watch, and many other sources. God is always talking! It's our job and pleasure to tune into His frequency.

*Choose to shake off all compulsion to slumber, become numb, resigned or complacent--choose instead to DRY OFF AND WAKE UP FULLY to God's great unfolding plan, your identity in Him and His divine power that is at work in you!

The Holy Spirit is blowing the wind of the Lord like a rushing stream over His people right now. You are being blow-dried by the Almighty, Living God! Hallelujah to His Name!! Satan's flood doesn't stand a chance against the Redeemer who reigns on the highest throne!

Wet wood won't burn, Fire*Work. It's time to dry off in the glory of God and catch fire!

The last chapter in your life might have seemed like an interruption in the flow, but it only happened to provide you with CONTEXT.

Only when you have context--when you see the truth and how your role pertains to the story--will you operate at your full capacity with focus, intention and compassion.

Next post: How to Become a Fire*Work: Flame. See you sooner rather than later now. I'm dry, seasoned and ready to flare up!

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